We are often asked, “what kind of testing do you offer through the Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center?” We love this question because this is an area that sets our Clinic apart from many others.

At The HASPC we can recommend a wide array of advanced lipid and genetic testing to help us identify why someone has vascular disease, and why inflammation is present in the arterial system.  This type of testing allows us to determine the exact cause of the disease, information that then allows us to determine an optimal treatment plan for an individual patient based on their unique situation. From there we can evaluate the effectiveness of prescribed therapy.

Our lifestyle advice for patients is guided through genetic testing. Our choice of medication is based on genetic and laboratory testing.

The following laboratory and testing companies represent some of the testing resources we have available to provide cutting edge diagnosis and prescribe optimal follow-up care.

CHL (Cleveland Heart Lab) – inflammatory testing

BHL (Berkeley Heart Lab) – genetic testing; advanced lipid analysis

Oral DNA – genetic testing; bacterial DNA testing

Carotid IMT (CardioRisk & Vasolabs) – intima media thickness testing

Other Testing & Evaluations Available at The HASPC

ABI (Peripheral Arterial Disease screening)

Sleep Apnea Evaluation

Anxiety/Depression Evaluation

Body Composition

Local laboratory analysis

Vital Signs