The Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center (The HASPC) has one unwavering goal: to deliver optimal care through a paradigm of private medicine that allows for adequate time and attention to meet the unique, individual needs of each patient.

The staff of the Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center is fully committed to helping you achieve optimal wellness and prevent heart attacks, strokes and Type 2 diabetes.

Consultation space at the Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center (HASPC)The HASPC practices The BaleDoneen Method which allows us to analyze your risk in precise detail. Given that eight out of 10 people with coronary artery disease have the same cholesterol levels as those with no disease, it seems clear that traditional risk assessment tools are not enough.

So what are the risk factors for heart attack and stroke? That’s what comes as a surprise to some people. Individuals seemingly very fit and healthy may actually be at risk due to factors that may often be overlooked or not taken into account at all.

At the Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center we are guided by the BaleDoneen Method that uses laboratory data to determine root causes of vascular disease. We use a number of non-invasive structural tests to determine vascular health including: coronary calcification scanning, AAA screening, the ankle-brachial index for peripheral artery disease, electrocardiograms, echocardiograms, and the carotid intima media thickness test (CIMT). The CIMT is used to evaluate the health of the artery walls and it scans for dangerous plaque in the wall of the carotid artery.

Waiting Area of the Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center OfficeOnce we analyze your risk, we take a comprehensive treatment approach, with pharmacological, exercise and nutrition advice based on your specific risk factors.

Should we identify the presence of disease, we’ll tell you why it originated and design a truly individualized treatment program for you, integrating both medical and lifestyle components.

We provide nutrition and lifestyle coaching based on your unique genetic needs to help you combat your disease. Or, if free of disease, we’ll help you keep it that way.

We believe that nutritional guidance should be both respectful of your food preferences and realistic given how you live your life. In fact, we advocate the fewest changes possible to help you achieve your goals for preventing or managing disease. And we’ll coordinate your nutritional program with your genetic needs to ensure an individualized and comprehensive effort.

Patients can work with the Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center on a single visit consultation basis, or they may choose to become members by selecting our annual care plan. Patients who choose to continue care with The Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center pay an annual fee that includes all office visits and telephone consults for the entire year. All patients are seen at least once per quarter and have unlimited access to Amy Doneen via work/email/cell.

We invite you to visit our page for HASPC patients for more information about becoming a patient at the Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center.